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Published on November 28th, 2016 | by Mickeys_admin

Top 10 ways to stay cool and have fun in the sun at Walt Disney World!


It may come as a surprise to you but in the summer in Florida it gets hot, like real hot! Temperatures can easily reach into the 90’s (into the 30’s for us English folk!) It hot, humid and sticky and you are traipsing around a park in the heat! Not everyone’s idea of fun but you are at Disney and you can’t not have fun so here are a few handy tips and tricks to have a much fun as possible!!


This is absolute key to surviving a summer’s day at Walt Disney World. Drink plenty of water all day and bring it with you and fill it up at the many water fountains located around the park! It will cost you a fortune to stay hydrated if you keep buying water in the park! You can however get a free cup of ice water at any of the counter service restaurants located in the parks. If you remember and you are able to freeze a couple of bottles of water the night before they will then thaw slowly through the day and you will have some nice chilled water to drink!

  • Sunscreen!

This is obvious but people will think “Oh its ok we are hoping on and off rides all day and we won’t be out in the sun that much” Most rides at Disney World are outside and you are not sheltered from the sun at all. Sunscreen is a really really important one not to forget and if you wait until you get to the parks to get some you are going to pay the price for it!

  • Personal/Water Misting fan

We always carry with us, especially for our boys a personal water misting fan. These are amazing if you just need to cool off a little bit. If you leave getting one until you get to the parks expect to pay park price for them! But if you want to get one before you leave you can find them in all sorts of place for a fraction of the price of one in the parks! If you are travelling with a stroller consider a clip on fan, it’s no fun being pushed around all day in a hot sweaty stroller and the last thing parents want on their holiday is cranky kids!! Remember to pack extra batteries for them as eventually they are going to run out!

  • Weather takes a turn

If he weather does take a turn which it is likely to in the afternoons, expect a thunderstorm! Get inside the nearest building as some shelter from the rain and lightning (yes it is real, no it is not special effects like some people may think!!). We normally take an umbrella along with us which doubles up as a nifty sunshade as well if you need it!

  • Pick a park carefully!

This is pretty much the same as in our 10 top tips for having fun in the rain at Walt Disney World blog. Animal Kingdom doesn’t have that many indoor attractions and not many places to cool off. On a hot day you are much better off heading to Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios or EPCOT where a significant amount of attractions (or at least the waiting areas) are indoor or a least shaded. If you are looking for a speedy exit from a park and it is crowded consider heading through the shops to exit. You will be surprised how much energy you will save not fighting your way through the crowds and you will be in an air conditioned building!

  • Dress Appropriately

This we know is pretty obvious but you would be surprised how many people wear the wrong clothing for the weather. Dress in cool, loose clothing, keep long hair up and off the neck and good walking shoes that aren’t going to make your feet sweat. If you are able to rent a locker and you could even keep a change of clothes in the locker if you get too hot, too sweaty or too uncomfortable. And you can also put in their items that you may need whilst in the park but that you don’t really want to lug around in a big overloaded backpack! Make sure everyone in the group has got a hat and sunglasses – these are invaluable on a hot day at Walt Disney World!

  • Get up and get on with it!

It may be the last thing you want to do on holiday but we believe if you are at your park ready for rope drop on a typical summer’s day in Florida you really will make the most out of your day! This way you can head back to your resort come midday and head out of that mid-day heat! Enjoy a nap or enjoy the sun by the pool where it will be easier to cool off. Then when the intense heat wears off you can head back to a park for some evening magic! It will however be very tempting to stay in the parks all day – we made this mistake one year in May with an 18 month old, believe us it is not worth it! It is all about pacing yourself in the heat and not trying to do everything in one day!

  • Extra Magic Hours are they really worth it on a hot day????

Are evening Extra Magic Hour really worth it on a hot day?? We believe they aren’t! I can already hear you screaming “But you have just told us to rest in the middle of the day and head back to a park in the evening???” but just read! As the other parks close people will naturally head to a park that is still open ie. The park with evening EMH! So do you want to stand around waiting to go on attractions like every other person who is staying on site? “No” I hear you cry! Head to the park that has had evening EMH the next day and be there for rope drop! You can bet your bottom dollar that that park will be the quitest as resort guests will have been there the night before!!! Use them to your advantage the next day instead of adding to the crowds!

  • Book a dining reservation

If you aren’t allowing yourself that break in the day like we talked about before then make sure you have a dining reservation for lunch and we definitely recommend a table service rather than counter service as it really gives you that opportunity to sit and rest in an air conditioned cooler environment! Also lunchtime table services are often cheaper than an evening table service so bare that in mind if you are using the Disney Dining Plan.

Also consider booking a breakfast dining reservation inside a park, for this too work it will have to be one for before the park opening. That way after your breakfast you will be ready to hit your first attraction without fighting other guests to get too it!

  • First Aid Stations – make sure you know where they are!

If you do underestimate the heat and need some help head to the First Aid Station as soon a possible. There is one located at each of the parks. At Magic Kingdom it is located just behind The Crystal Palace on Main Street U.S.A.. At Animal Kingdom it is just before the bridge into Africa on the left hand side of Discovery Island. At Hollywood Studios it is located just to the left of the entrance as you walk in. At EPCOT it is located at the Odyssey Center.

Here you will be able to cool off and take some time out of the sun before venturing back outside (of course when you are well enough). It is very easy to forget about yourself when rushing and trying to cram as much into your holiday as possible, in the heat in Florida though take it easy and pace yourself otherwise you will spend more of your time recovering from too much heat than enjoying yourself!!!

If you are prepared then you will cope if you aren’t you are going to suffer and you’re holiday will suffer too.  Don’t get there and think we are going to do everything in one day – let me tell you it is never going to happen. Pace yourselves and if you have to get your must do’s done first and then move on to the stuff that you would like to do if you are able too. And most of all have fun!!!

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