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Top 10 things to do with kids at Walt Disney World!

Top 10 things to do with kids at Walt Disney World!


Is your child not so fussed on the big thrill rides? Do you think Disney wouldn’t be worth it because of this? Well here we give you a few tips on other things you can do with your kids apart from the rides at Walt Disney World! There are more than these but we think these are some of the best of a huge selection of things to do at Disney World!


  1. Pressed Pennies

At every theme park, Water Park and at nearly every other Disney location you will find a pressed penny machine! There are over 500 throughout Disney World! Each one features its own unique story and Disney characters. They make a lovely little collection and not very expensive costing just 51 cents each! Although some machines press dimes and quarters as well! They do fit into official Walt Disney World collector’s album which can be purchased at many locations throughout Walt Disney World! It is also a way of getting merchandise from certain attractions around WDW as this will be the only merchandise in the parks for these attractions, such as the Liberty Belle Riverboat at Magic Kingdom (you can find the pressed penny machine for this at the exit of The Hall of Presidents!). If you follow this link .....  you will find a more detailed insight into pressed pennies and also some free downloads with a guide and checklist as to where you can find them!!!

  1. Hidden Mickey’s

If you are an avid Disney fan then you will know all about hidden Mickey’s in the movies! But when the imagineers were designing the parks it became part of an inside joke but soon became a park tradition! You can buy guidebooks or download an app but some still like to do it the old fashioned way. You will find them in carpets, stonework, in specially designed coil ropes and in many many other places!! Even the layout of Hollywood Studios when viewed from the sky is a hidden Mickey! There are 25 hidden Mickey’s at Rafikis Planet Watch alone!! Check out our full blog about hidden Mickey’s here and see how many you can find when on your holidays!!

  1. Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique/Pirates League

Let’s start with Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique! With two locations at Walt Disney World what more could your princess want than to be transformed into one of her idols! Well inside Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom and at the Once Upon a Toy Store at Disney Springs this magic can happen!! Your princess can choose a hairstyle; make up, nail-colour and accessories and even a dress to match! Boys are able to join in the fun at the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique but this one is definitely aimed at the girls!! There are 4 different packages to choose from, 3 for the girls, with prices starting at $59.95 plus tax (prices subject to change) and 1 for the boys at $19.95 plus tax! This does book up fast so make sure you book at the 180 day mark along with your dining reservations! For this one though you do have to phone it can’t unfortunately be done through the my Disney experience app.

If you head over to Adventureland in Magic Kingdom this is where you will find The Pirates League! This one is aimed more towards the boys but there are still packages available for the girls! The pirate masters there will give you a choice of 4 packages for the boys; starting at $39.95 plus tax and 3 packages for the girls; starting at $39.95 plus tax also (Again all prices are subject to change). You will even be assigned your own unique pirate name which will coincide with your new personality and at the end you will make things official where you will be sworn into The Pirates League and enter a hidden chamber!

For more information on both of these head to the following page ......

  1. Autograph Book/Character Meets

This can be a huge time consuming part of your holiday, so we have a couple of tips to make it a little bit quicker and a little bit easier on yourselves, the kids and most importantly the characters! Firstly before queuing for ages, be certain your child wants to meet that particular character! We sort of made this mistake the first time we took our 18 month old to meet Buzz and Woody opposite Toy Story Mania! He freaked a little bit when we turned the corner and Woody was about 7ft tall!! The larger than life characters can be quite intimidating to little ones, so don’t force them to interact if they don’t want to and certainly don’t push for the ‘perfect’ photo opportunity as you may well leave disappointed.  If you can head to character meet and greets early while everyone is racing to rides to have a short wait time, you will have shorter queues, which means more interaction and time with each character!! Definitely invest in an autograph book, or if you have done this we have seen people bring plain cushion covers, t-shirts, hats, mouse ears and even someone getting Buzz to sign his Toy Story Vans! A new thing is the new Polaroid style cameras, snap your picture, wait for it to print and then get it signed! This is quite consuming so we recommend doing this when there are short wait times to see the characters.

  1. Casey Jr. Splash n Soak Station at Magic Kingdom

This is great for those super hot park days when the adults want to chill for 10 minutes and the kids need a bit of freedom for a while! Located in Storybook Circus near the train station and The Barnstormer, it is a fab place for the kids to run and play through misting and spraying water and burn off some energy! Just be warned – they can get soaked so it is a good idea to bring spare clothes and there are also a lot of exits to this area so it easy for the littlies to escape easily!

  1. The Boneyard Dig Site at Animal Kingdom

The Boneyard Dig Site at Animal Kingdom is a multi level play area for kids of all ages, but is particularly appealing to kids 12 and under!! There are different areas to explore, slides for everyone and areas where you can dig for dinosaur bones! There is also only one entrance/exit which is manned at all times by a cast member so not escaping from the parents easily! There is also a shaded seating area with fans for the grown ups!! The sand isn’t real sand so no dirty clothes either!

  1. Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom

Have you got a little one who would love to become Merlin’s apprentice?  This could be the thing for you! With Merlin’s help you can halt Hades is his tracks of retrieving 4 missing shards of Merlin’s Crystal of the Magic Kingdom to make it his new summer home! It is a free game to play in Magic Kingdom involving a set of trading cards and various Portals around the park (except for Tomorrowland). New recruits can sign up at the Main Street Firehouse. Here you will be given a Sorceror Key Card, spell cards, Merlin’s Mystical Map and some training on how to unlock Magic Portals and defeat the villains that Hades has enrolled to help him! The key card also contains a chip that will save your games progress throughout and as long as you keep this card you can pick up your game where you left it even if it has been a little while! It can take between 20 and 30 minutes to defeat each villain and up to 5 hours to complete a whole game! Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom is an awesome  game to play if you are going to have more than 1 trip to Disney. If you know this is your one and only trip we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it as there are so many other things to see and do. For more information about how to play Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom please follow the following link!

  1. A Pirates Adventure – Treasures of the Seven Seas

A Pirates Adventure is a bit like Sorcerors of the Magic Kingdom but not as time consuming! With 5 missions at hand and 5 hidden treasures to find – are you brave enough to take on Captain Barbossa and his crew? You will begin your journey at an old Cartography Shop located in Adventureland, where you will be given a talisman that will help you with your journey. The talisman will activate a video screen that assigns you to your first mission; you will then be given your map and sent on your way! Complete your mission and move onto the next until you have completed all 5 where you will receive a final completer card signed by Captain Jack Sparrow himself! We have heard people saying it is the most fun 2 hours they have ever spent in the parks so why don’t you give it a go!

  1. Pirates & Pals Firework Voyage

This could be a great way of combining watching the Happily Ever After fireworks and a child who won’t necessarily stand still for it! Your adventure begins at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, where you will be presented with a spread if party snacks and a variety of beverages. You will then meet Captain Hook and Mr. Smee before you set off on your voyage. On your voyage your Disney trivia will be tested and you will sing sea chanteys! Then the anchor will be dropped in time for you to catch the new nightime fireworks extravaganza, Happily Ever After. You may even catch a glimpse of the Electrical Water Pageant (weather –permitting) before you head back to Disney’s Contemporary Resort where an extra special guest is waiting to welcome you back to dry land! There is an additional charge for this and don’t forget to book in advance for it (90 days prior to booking).

  1. Pin Trading

Pin Trading can be a great way of kids getting to meet Cast Members and other kids on there holiday! It is relatively simple and quite a small souvenir to take home! The best place to start is by taking a trip down to Disney Traders at Disney Springs where Disney Cast Members can show you what you need to get started! You will notice around the parks and resorts that most cast members where lanyards with pins attached to them, if a cast member is wearing a green lanyard they will only trade pins with kids but all other lanyards are fair game with all guests! Be careful though as you will come across professional pin traders, usually outside of the pin trading shops. These guys will occasionally bend the rules (Disney prohibits the exchange of money in pin trading) by getting you to go into the store to purchase something that they are then happy to trade for. If you are a newbie we suggest sticking to trading with Cast Members to begin with! If you know you want to do some pin trading before you go on holiday then it would be good to get on eBay and see if you can get a bundle of pins to take with you to start you off and save a tonne of money on buying a starter kit in the parks! There are so many pins to collect, your possibilities are endless, why don’t you pick a character and see how many you can get?


So there you have it! 10 different things other than rides that you can experience at Walt Disney World! Let us know below what some of your favourite things to do other than the rides are below!


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