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Top 10 Rookie mistakes you can avoid at Walt Disney World!!

You have done it at last! You have booked your first ever trip to the most magical place on earth, Walt Disney World! Now it’s time to countdown to the big day itself! It may be months away it may be weeks away but here we have our very own tips on how to make the most out of your time at WDW whether you are travelling as couple, a family or heading there to celebrate something as large group! We really do want you to make the most of your trip and do as much as possible and don’t make some of the mistakes we did!!!!

  1. Sleeping In!

I am afraid to tell you this but if you want to sleep in and have lazy mornings on holiday then Walt Disney World is not the place for you! Getting to the park for rope drop is essential! You will accomplish so much more in the first 2 hours of the day than you will in the following 8! You can enjoy shorter lines and lower crowd levels; this is a must if you want to tackle rides like Space Mountain and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train where queue lengths can reach up to 3 hours!!!! Use the afternoon then to relax at your resort and head back to a park in the evening!

  1. Under planning or Over planning!

You can under plan and over plan for a holiday at Walt Disney World!  Please, please, please don’t arrive for your holiday with absolutely no idea what it is you want to see and do! You will waste the first few days working out where everything is! We suggest learning some of the basics about each park and also making yourselves aware of the fastpass+ system and how to make Advanced Dining Reservations. You need to have a rough idea of what you want to do, what rides you want to do, which restaurants you want to dine at, which parade/show you want to see and which characters you want to meet! We suggest a must do list, a would like to list and a not so fussed about but would be nice to list! You can find ours here ....................

You can however over plan a Disney holiday! Do you want to be one of those families with a minute by minute itinerary? Do you want to be the family running around the park scared that you are going to miss the next ride and missing all the gorgeous scenery around you? Believe us if you over plan your holiday you will achieve as little as what you would if you didn’t plan your holiday at all! Be realistic in what you set out to achieve and allow yourself some time for spontaneity as something will catch your eye and you will regret not doing it because you have to stick to the plan!!!

  1. Budget, budget, budget!

If you don’t budget we can almost guarantee you will run out of money! Work out how much spending money you have and then divide that by how many days you are there, then work out how much you want to spend on food (remembering to check out menus for any restaurants you want to book so you have a rough idea of what you are going to spend) and then work out what you would like to spend on merchandise and gifts! A trip to Disney World is not cheap! And don’t forget about trips to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique or the Pirates League for the kids!

  1. Staying “off property”

If possible staying in one of the many resorts at Walt Disney World is by far your best option! They are broken down into 3 categories; Value, Moderate and Deluxe. There is an option for everyone! One of the biggest benefits to staying “on property” is the transport system. There are buses to every park every day every 20 minutes that drop you right at the front gates of the parks, you can be up to 20/30 minutes away from a park depending on which resort you are staying at but just imagine how much further you would have to travel if you stayed “off property”. You also have the benefit of being able to book your fastpass+ selections before anyone else and you can take advantage of Extra Magic Hours!!!

  1. Not booking fastpass+ and Advance Dining Reservations

Fastpass+ has got even better, you can now book out 3 fastpass’s 60 days before you travel if staying at a WDW resort or 30 days if not. When you have used those 3 you can then book a fourth for that day! This is where your planning is key – yes you have to set out which park you want to go to on what day for your entire vacation but if you book your fastpass+ option for the morning you are free to go wherever you want for the rest of the day!

Yes this may sound ridiculous but having an idea of where you want to eat 180 days (yes 6 months!!) before you want to travel is key if you want a sit down meal at Be Our Guest for 6pm on a Saturday Evening!! Because if you don’t and you decide that’s what you want you have got a very very very slim chance of getting it! These Advanced Dining Reservations are essential for most table service restaurants and all character dining experiences! Make sure you have looked at all your options and what options you have if you are on the Disney Dining Plan.

  1. Not taking a break!

You may think “I’m on holiday I don’t need to take a break”  but you will need a holiday to get over your holiday if you aren’t careful! Take a break after lunch, especially if you travelling with children who still nap! Head back to your resort let the little ones catch some zzz’s and maybe even the older ones! You can head down to the pool and get some sun and have a splash as well! Just generally recharge your batteries and then head back to a park for the evening starting with some dinner.

  1. Thinking you don’t need a stroller

It doesn’t matter what anyone says if you are travelling with youngsters you need a stroller! They may have discarded the stroller a year or even 2 years ago – there is no way they can survive keeping up with adults somewhere where the average person walks up to 9 miles a day! If you don’t have one and are going to need one, there are plenty of companies you can hire from that will deliver direct to your hotel and then pick up again! They are also handy to have to help carry everything you may need when going to Disney World with a child!!

  1. Hyping up rides and attractions

This will be your biggest mistake as a parent if you are bringing your kids along! Hyping up all the amazing rides and then you get there and they can’t ride because they aren’t tall enough! Or in our case with our 3 year old who is tall enough to go on most rides – not being old enough!! Think about how they are going to feel when you tell them all about these amazing rides and then they have to sit and watch you enjoy them instead! If you are unsure you can check out our handy little guide to height requirements at Disney before you go!!

  1. Carrying unnecessary items

Don’t carry anything you don’t need to! Every time you enter a park they will search your bag if you don’t have loads of stuff crammed in it, it won’t take long and you can get on and enjoy your day (we also suggest a 1 zip bag rather than a bag with loads of zips and handy compartments as the go through EVERY pocket!). Now with the handy addition of the magicband there is no need to carry cash or cards either as this can all be linked! Also your souvenirs, if you are staying on site there is no need to carry everything, just ask in the shop and they will get it sent straight to your hotel for you!

  1. Trying to do it all in one trip!

This was us on our very first trip! We tried to cram everything in in one go and came back exhausted and needing another holiday to get over the one we had just had! Before you go pick out your absolute must dos and you would like to dos and like we have said above – make sure you take breaks! There is far too much to see and do at Walt Disney World to even start to think about getting absolutely everything done in one trip! If you go and then decide you are going to be a regular visitor (even if it is once every 4 or 5 years) when you get home make a list of things you would like to do at Disney world and then achieve a few each time you go! We have a bucket list of things we would like to see and do and we are slowly crossing these off the list! And yes it does include silly little things like spending each of our birthdays at Walt Disney World!


Some of these may not be a big deal to you reading this and feel free to completely ignore everything we have written but making the most out of your holiday is important. Imagine coming home having been to the most magical place on earth wishing that you had done so much more? You will enjoy yourselves much more if you follow these tips!!

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