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Robin Hood (1973)

Film Title :                   Robin Hood

Classic No. :             21

UK Release Date :   March 31st 1974

US Release Date :   December 21st 1973

Premiere Date :       November 8th 1973

Budget :                    $5 million

Box Office :                 $32 million

Film length :              83 minutes

Based around :       Based on the legend Robin Hood, but uses anthropomorphic animals rather than humans to depict the characters.

Synopsis :                  Robin Hood tells the story of two outlaws living in Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood and Little John, who rob from the rich and give to the poor residents of Nottingham. Robin Hood and Little John strike lucky one day when Prince John and his assistant come to Nottingham on a tour of the kingdom. Disguising themselves as fortune tellers they rob Prince John whose coach is laden down with gold and jewels. After discovering he has been robbed, Prince John puts a bounty on their heads and makes the Sheriff of Nottingham his personal tax collector, who takes great pleasure in taking hidden money from a crippled blacksmith and a young bunny’s birthday farthing. Robin Hood replaces that farthing with one of his very own bows and off the bunny goes with his friends pretending to be Robin Hood but Skippy the young bunny fires an arrow straight into the garden of Maid Marian’s castle, where the children discover that Maid Marian and Robin Hood were once childhood sweethearts. Failing to catch Robin Hood by regular methods, Prince John organizes an archery tournament where the winner receives a kiss from Maid Marian, and of course the country’s best archer cannot resist. But will Robin Hood be discovered under his disguise and will he win back the heart of hus childhood sweetheart…….


Director :                   Wolfgang Reithermann

Music :                       George Bruns

Writing Credits :       Larry Clemmons

Follow ups :              No follow ups to date.

Awards :                   Robin Hood was nominated for Best Original Song at the 42nd Academy Awards for the song ‘Love’.

Cast :

Allan-a-Dale - The Rooster Roger Miller
Prince John - A Lion/King Richard Peter Ustinov
Sir Hiss - A Snake Terry-Thomas
Robin Hood - A Fox Brian Bedford
Maid Marian - A Vixen Monica Evans
Little John - A Bear Phil Harris
Friar Tuck - A Badger Andy Devine
Lady Kluck - A Chicken Carole Shelley
Sheriff of Nottingham - A Wolf Pat Buttram
Trigger - A Vulture George Lindsay
Nutsy - A Vulture Ken Curtis
Captain of the Guards Candy Cadido
Father Sexton John Fiedler
Sis Dana Laurita
Mother Church Mouse/Mother Rabbit Barabra Luddy
Otto J. Pat O'Malley
Toby - A Turtle Richie Sanders
Skippy - A Rabbit Billy Whitaker
Tagalong Dory Whitaker



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