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Another Mouse Spotted at EPCOT: Permit has been filed for rumoured Ratatouille ride.

You can see from the below image, the outlined area encompassed by the permit is the perfect spot just between France and Morocco located in the world showcase at EPCOT (expansion areas were originally designed for new countries to be added.) The Main building will be in the expansion areas were as the queue will located behind the France pavilion and connect to the existing guest area from the front.

The Permit States:

The inside area is:5.7 Acres
1.10 acres are paved
.31 acres currently occupied by buildings
4.29 acres to be previous (dirt or landscaping)

The plan is to pave an additional 2.94 acres in the previous area, whilst building retention ponds on the other side of the service road that circles the world showcase to hold the additional runoff from the added impervious area. Several buildings will also be removed, but some additional buildings will be built to replace them.

As you can see from the imagery, some of the expansion pad is used for storage of food kiosks from the Epcot festivals, which will easily be relocated.

The ride is rumoured to be trackless!

Michael Giacchino  Disney Pixar'S Ratatouille Pf (Piano Songbook)
Michael Giacchino Disney Pixar'S Ratatouille Pf (Piano Songbook)
Art of Ratatouille (Pixar Animation)
Art of Ratatouille (Pixar Animation)
Ratatouille [DVD] (Limited Edition)
Ratatouille [DVD] (Limited Edition)

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